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We certainly know how good these pictures look. While pictures do not always tell the truth, don’t worry: La Rosa di Venezia looks in reality just as beautiful if not more.

An apartment full of light and sun, antique furnishing and modern paintings. A little balcony out to the canal – to the same canal that the world famous Bridge of Sighs spans and only 200 meters far away! Luxury for two to three persons for moderate prices.
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Oi, oi!

Gondolas do not have horns. So the gondoliers call "oi, oi” to warn one another of their presence. You can be sure that this will be the first sound that you hear upon opening the windows of La Rosa di Venezia in the morning.

Then you step out on the balcony, and the new day receives you with the view that you can see on the picture on the left side.

By the way: from the bridge in front of the house one has a breathtaking view of the Bridge of Sighs.
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