Narrow passages

Into the winding part of the old city!

Don’t worry, it is not as complicated as it may seem. First you need to take a left in direction of the famous Pauly manufacture. Nowhere else you'll find Murano-glass chandeliers and mirrors as valuable as Pauly's.

At the wooden lion (photo provided by our dear guest Klaus Raabe), walk straight ahead. At the next little street you take a right, and there you are, right in front of the house door. From St Mark’s square until here it took you only two minutes.

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110 sec from St Mark’s     
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2 min from St Mark’s

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90 sec from St Mark’s
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15 steps too far
A detour that is worth it: The view onto the Bridge of Sighs is unique.

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 the path to the apartment --> 
           50 sec from St Mark’s

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1 min from St Mark’s