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Authentic inns

It is not that easy to eat well in Venice. With so many choices local recommendations are necessary in order to find the right restaurant.
The real Venetian kitchen is not sophisticated or noble, rather it is simple, but therefore very tasty. Some of the original bacari (old Venetian inns) are still existent. For our guests we are keeping the addresses ready at the apartment.
Cooking pleasures

Venice is not only a place of romance and architectural treasures, it is also a city of gourmets and of marvellous markets. The kitchen of La Rosa di Venezia is equipped with everything a hobby cook could wish for – and of course during vacation a dishwasher is very important.

Culinary delights

The fact that Venice has one of Italy’s best fish markets is not surprising. But that Venice also produces great vegetables is rarely known. We promise: Those who eat zucchini from the Venetian "vegetable island" Sant’Erasmo, will never touch other ones again.

Shopping spree

La Rosa di Venezia is located at one of the really rare points in Venice from where one can easily reach every important quarter. To the fish and vegetable market at the Rialto bridge it takes less than ten minutes. The little market at Santa Maria Formosa is even closer. The exact routes will be waiting for you at the apartment.
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Culinary greetings from Venice

Cut zucchini into thin slices, fry them in the best olive oil until they take colour, add chopped stoned green olives and a little bit of salt. To go with it: fry swordfish steak in olive oil. As good as it gets it tastes even better with the ingredients of the market at the Rialto-bridge: buon appetito!